Sunday, April 25, 2010

the STEAKhouse is open! (almost)

I am so excited for summer!
we found our fifth person, the first month of rent has been paid, we're basically ready to move in on the 22nd of May (although we have to get through the last three weeks of class and then finals... but i only have two! and a final paper and a lab report. but still. score!)and we've named our soon-to-be home STEAKhouse, which stands for StephanieTiffanyElizabethAllisonKieran. completely awesome and not corny at all, right? hehe
and we've decided to take the uhaul we're renting that day to costco as well, since we don't usually have a car, and therefore can't usually make the trip. this is going to be one epic saturday =D

I'm also hoping for a job at a bakery this summer, preferably as a baker's assistant/apprentice, but i'd also love to be counter staff at a good bakery. I walked all around Harvard (on a hurt foot, no less!) to drop off applications, after making the same route yesterday to pick up those applications... hopefully something wonderful comes out of it! I swear, I'd work super early hours just to get bakery experience. My top two choices at the moment are The Biscuit and Flour Bakery. Flour would be optimal for during the school year because it's one block down on the way from my dorm to school, and i wouldn't mind walking a minute and a half in the morning to go work. gosh, I'd LOVE to do that. But for the summer, I'd have to get all the way from Harvard/Porter to Central/MIT. I was thinking of running it every morning, taking a shower on campus, and going to work. multitasking ftw! And then The Biscuit would be the exact opposite - perfect (as in PERFECT) for summer, and not so convenient during the school year. I went there today and bought a humongous pecan strudel, and a loaf of challah. ohemgee delish.

After walking around for a bajillion years, I also went to Trader Joe's and got my TJs fix that should last me until the end of the year, after which it will be filled with a Costco fix and then a let's-make-everything-delicious fix. and hopefully a bakery fix that will be satisfied every day =D
*crosses fingers*