Sunday, January 12, 2014

i got a job! and i'm moving!

dream loft?

During the job hunt, it felt like this day would never, ever come, but thankfully, it finally has. I got a job! So I'm moving! At the end of the month! To Madison, Wisconsin! Too many exclamation points?

This whole polar vortex thing has me a little worried about moving to the midwest, because even without this abnormal weather, it's ridiculously cold in Madison. But now I'll be within driving distance of Chicago and the Blackhawks, even if I won't have a car. And I'm definitely looking forward to setting up a new life for me and Ruby. Maybe even work on this "date a hockey player" goal of mine. I'll settle for finding a hockey-watching buddy, though.

Now I'm trying to find an apartment in two-ish weeks, which is a little difficult when I'm currently 2,000 miles away. But to help keep things organized, I typed up this Apartment-Hunting Checklist, using info from this really helpful post (their link no longer works, so I made my own version), and adding a couple items of my own.

My top 3 priorities (not including a cat-friendly space, because that's obvious) are kitchen, laundry, and access to a bus route. Pretty normal stuff, I think. Fingers crossed that I'll fall in love with an apartment.

Let me know if you've got your own tips and tricks for finding an apartment, or if you've got more things to add to the checklist!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

providence, ri (and philadephia, and boston, and newark)

It seems like flights just haven't been working out for me this winter. First, this fiasco trying to get home from Madison, WI in December, and now this trip out to Providence, RI that ended up taking an extra 8 hours with a postponed job interview and a detour through Boston.

first, a red-eye flight to philly, which was fine and dandy, until they canceled my next flight out to providence bc of maintenance issues. so i spent the morning hanging out in these rocking chairs figuring out how to get to providence and then working out my interview schedule.

solution: flying to boston and then taking the train down to providence. while waiting for the train, i stopped by flour bakery for some lunch - a roasted lamb sandwich, which is basically the only thing i ever get from them other than their breakfast sandwich. it was as amazing as i remembered.
i also struck up a conversation with this biostatistician from brown university who also had his flight cancelled and was making his way down by train. he'd also gone through med school and is now applying to residency programs, which is kinda cool. i got his business card too. not sure if i'm going to contact him bc i have nothing to say, but it was nice. 

finally made it to providence. it was ridiculously cold, and i got pre-frostbite (or something) on my pinky finger just on my 10-minute walk from the amtrak station to the hotel. it still feels funny... i would have loved to explore downtown providence and done some shopping, but it was way too chilly to even think about walking around outside. this polar vortex is really cramping my style.

I ended up interviewing the next day, and heading to the airport right after. Thank goodness my return trip was smooth sailing, with a stop in newark, nj, and included a cute weimeraner. It's good to be home, where winter is is a balmy 50 degrees. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

link love (and happy 2014?)

photobooth shenanigans from the s'mores party i had a few days after christmas

I'm pretty sure this is my first post for this year. So, happy 2014! This week, I flew to Providence, RI, and had a slew of problems trying to get there, which you'll hear about tomorrow. I got there in one piece, though, and had the Team Canada roster announcement (for hockey, who cares about the other sports) to tide me over until I finally arrived. Seriously, thank goodness for smartphones, otherwise I'd be bored out of my mind and probably still stuck trying to fly out to Providence.

Anyways, now that all the hockey rosters have been announced (and the Blackhawks are sending 10 players, tied for most in the League), I'm even more excited for Sochi*, and February in general. I know we barely started January and 2014, but I feel like this month is just a filler until February, when I'll start my new job (deets on Sunday), move into my own place, and basically become a full-fledged adult. I can't wait.

- the origins and meanings of ashkenazic last names (boring title, super interesting read, especially when you find out this one dude you didn't like has an insult for a last name)
- banished for questioning the gospel of guns

- wall of origami rainbow koi (maybe you'll see this in my new apartment??)

fun finds:
- this napa valley rehearsal dinner 

*and about the gay rights (or lack thereof) issue in Russia and people wanting to boycott the Olympics, here's a well-written opinion on why there's a better option.