about beeplusdub

b + w comes from my high school friend kelly, who called me wiffy (like tiffy?) and named my imaginary boyfriend biffy.  according to her, biffy + wiffy is a love story for the ages.

(also see my 101 in 1001 list!)

01. i am a huge fan of lists
02. my cat ruby and i share the same birthday, august 3rd
03. i ruck marched two marathons with 25+ lbs and full uniform (although we got stopped at mile 21 the second time because of the bombings)
04. i shadowed in an army hospital for a month
05. i wanted to be a doctor (pediatric surgeon) for the longest time
06. i now want to own my own bakery/cafe/paper goods store (i think?)
07. i am life member of APO (a national service fraternity)
08. i was in army rotc.  best decision of my life
09. i have an extra bone in one foot
10. i swam and played water polo during high school
11. my favorite craft supplies: kraft paper, washi tape, and baker's twine
12. my parents were going to name me jennifer
13. i taught myself to read with books on tape at the age of three
14. i watched wicked twice because i love it so much (once in LA, once in boston)
15. i went to the Boston Ballet's Nutcracker performance every year when I was in college
16. i graduated with a degree in biology
17. i worked at a bakery the summer after my freshman year. greatest job ever, even with the 5am mornings
18. i love one direction unironically
19. i am a feminist (this should probably be higher up on the list)
20. i played piano for thirteen years
21. i also played cello (half a year in elementary school), violin (after cello all the way until freshman year of high school), and double bass (two years in high school)
22. i hiked up the incline at pike's peak in colorado springs (it was horrible, but at least the scenery was pretty)
23. i am big hockey & chicago blackhawks fan
24. generation kill is my favorite of the three hbo war series
25. i have been to three concerts (the bangles, imagine dragons, and macklemore)
26. i have twice gotten 80+ mosquito bites in the span of a week (rotc training at fort knox, kentucky and fort lewis, washington)
27. my chinese name is a boy's name. my grandparents gave it to me
28. i danced for eight years, then picked up ballroom dancing in college
29. i am currently craving: hannah's green chile enchiladas
30. also: flour bakery's roasted lamb sandwich
31. i love to sleep
32. i enjoy yoga
33. my favorite movie: the fall. also pitch perfect, pacific rim, and matilda
34. i have a younger brother
35. my entire family has degrees in science/engineering
36. musicals i've seen: the lion king (la pantages), wicked (la pantages and boston opera house), avenue q (nyc)
37. i sobbed until i hyperventilated after watching titanic
38. i am a visual learner
39. i have a really good sense of direction, especially without a gps
40. i watched alton brown's good eats to "study" for science olympiad in high school
41. i like heels (and shoes in general)
42. i am the only girl amongst my cousins
43. i am not a fan of chocolate
44. i am super sentimental/emotional. aka will tear up over everything
45. i fluctuate between wanting kids and not wanting kids
46. i am stress baker and eater
47. i enjoy traveling and exploring and shopping by myself
48. running is the worst. see ann perkins.
49. i don't wear contacts. they irritate my eyes
50. i love taking naps with my cat

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