Thursday, July 28, 2016

CSA 2016 | Week 7

Recap of last week:
what's left: all the cucumber, eggplant, bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, zucchini 
good things: sour cherries. A couple friends and I drove up to Door County this past weekend to pick our fill of Montmorency cherries (and also to drink wine and beer, and stroll through beach towns). The pitting took a while, but I hacked through it all with a safety pin. Now I've got 7 pounds of pitted cherries in my freezer, a jar-full being turned in to cocktail cherries, and the rest getting ready to go in to this crumb cake
lessons learned: if the dressing doesn't taste good by itself, don't stick it in the salad. It's not going to magically become better (especially if the salad is mostly made of things you don't enjoy, like carrots). 

Here's what came in my box this week.

Basil - more pesto.

Green beans - grilled, for sure.

Cabbage - I got the hugest head of cabbage ever - it's literally the size of my head, and 5+ pounds. I imagine I'll slowly make my way through this by eating lots of slaw. Good thing cabbage lasts for a long time in the fridge! 

Purple carrots - I got through my carrots last week by eating them with leftover spinach dip (for the dip, I use a whole 1 pound bag of frozen spinach, and add some more yogurt to compensate). Maybe I'll do something similar this week? Although it seems rude not to do something fancier to appreciate these carrots in all their purpley-ness.

Garlic & Scallions - no specific plans

Lettuce - just a small head this week, so it'll be easy to use up in salads like usual. 

Cucumbers - I've got so many cucumbers hanging out in my fridge. I may just make batch upon batch of this cucumber agua fresca to deal with them. 

Tomatoes - the slicers are going on bread with mayo and flaky salt again - they're too good not to. I'm thinking about trying to blister the cherry tomatoes in my grill pan, and stick them on pizza. 

Zucchini - I just got one zucchini this week, to add to the couple I have left from last week. This recipe for grilled vegetables with za'atar dressing vinaigrette looks simple and delicious. 

Not a very exciting week planned, but hopefully I'll still get through a good amount of these veggies. 
In unrelated news, I discovered the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival on the internet the other day, and it seems like my idea of a good time. I'm excited to check it out!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

CSA 2016 | Week 6

Recap of last week:
what's left: lettuce, a cucumber 
good things: grilled purple beans. even with just salt and pepper, they were amazing. this grill pan has been an amazing investment
lessons learned: baked fries are never going to be as good as fried fries. good thing I've got a new recipe for curly fries to try. 

There's been such crazy weather day the past couple of days, with both an extreme heat advisory (for the first time in 4 years!) and flash flood warnings because of the thunderstorm. I just hope it clears up soon, because I've got big plans for the weekend!

Here's what came in my box this week.

Basil: the newsletter said it was a small bunch, but in actuality, it's freaking humongous. I'm thinking I won't need to buy an extra 12 bunches, because this is going to last me a long while. This lentil salad looks like a perfect recipe for this hot weather. The rest of the basil is going in to pesto that's destined for the freezer.

Broccoli: it's been a carb type of week. these broccoli melts seem perfect.

Carrots: carrot season is starting, but unfortunately, I'm not the biggest fan of carrots (and I like cooked carrots even less). This weekend, I'm planning on making a big batch of this ginger carrot salad to bring to a grill-out, and hopefully foist it on the other people there . The rest might go in this ginger carrot dressing, or else eaten raw slathered in a dip of some sort. 

Cucumbers: the fridge pickles turned out really well last week, but I don't need more right now. This salad looks nice and easy, if I can find some good avocados.

Eggplant: I've had good success grilling slices of eggplant. This miso glazed grilled eggplant looks like a simple way to change things up just a bit. 

Bell Pepper: the bell pepper salsa from this recipe looks like it'd pair nicely with some grilled shrimp. 

Swiss Chard: the chard is gorgeous, so I want to keep it raw. spring rolls (again), maybe? 

Tomatoes: they've still got a little ways to go before they ripen fully, but the big slicer tomato is simply going on a slice of good bread with a smear of mayo and sprinkle of flaky salt. The cherry tomatoes are going in to the pico de gallo for these grilled fish tacos, which will also use up the jalapeno and some cucumber and scallions.

Zucchini: I got one good-sized zucchini that's going to be turned into noodles with pesto. the other three baby ones will probably end up grilled, and maybe top some pizza.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

CSA 2016 | Week 5

Recap of last week:
what's left: zucchini/squash, still lettuce, parsley, a cucumber, kohlrabi, 
good things: my recipe-less grilled garlic scape pizza turned out amazing. 
lessons learned: albondigas is so much more edible when you follow directions correctly and use 1 canned chipotle pepper instead of 1 can of chipotle peppers... 

Here's what came in my box this week. (no picture because I'm lazy and instead went to eat all the lobster rolls at my company picnic)

Basil - this first bunch is definitely going in to pesto. I'm also thinking about buying an additional 12 bunches from my farm to be able to stockpile jars of pesto in my freezer... 

Broccoli - I feel like I'm all frittered out, especially given how hot and humid it's been recently. Maybe it's finally time for some cool, refreshing slaw

Cucumbers & Dill - equals fridge pickles, obviously. The rest of the dill will probably just get dried and stored for future use. 

Eggplant - I didn't use my eggplant from last week since it was just a baby one. Now that I've got a good batch, it's time for these egg and eggplant pitas, which will also use up my jalapeno

Garlic & Onions - these'll go wherever necessary. And since they'll be fine for weeks just sitting on my counter, I'm not worried about using them up quickly 

Lettuce - the grilled caesar salad from last week knocked out an entire head. That seems the way to go. 

Purple beans - still in love with my grill pan, so I'm thinking these will be good grilled with some lemon and garlic

Squash - I bought a spiralizer! I feel like it's finally time to make some zucchini noodles (with pesto). On the other hand, I haven't touched the pattypan since they first arrived a couple weeks ago. Maybe it's time to just grill it with the purple beans and call it a day. 

Saturday, July 9, 2016

CSA 2016 | Week 4

Recap of last week:
what's left: a couple turnips, one pattypan squash, a lot less lettuce than last time
good things: wild salmon was on sale so I bought 2 pounds and enjoyed every single bit.
lessons learned: don't be too lazy to bag the cilantro and stick it in the fridge.

Here's what came in my box this week.

Beets - I've been grilling up pizzas in my grill pan, and this scrambled egg and beet green one is just what I'm craving for dinner tonight. Wild-caught sockeye salmon is still on sale at Whole Foods this week, so I'm thinking it's finally time to make this beet-cured salmon.

Broccoli - still haven't made the slaw from the past two weeks. Instead, I made these fritters last week, and may will probably do it again this week.

Cucumbers - I made these cold spicy kimchi noodles a lot last week, and still have some kimchi left. Julienned cucumbers will definitely make their way in to that. The rest will probably just go in salads and spring rolls.

Fresh Garlic - eh, no specific plans

Kohlrabi - I've been eating so many fried things recently, but it's so good! I'm looking forward to these curried fries this week.

Lettuce - if I say salad enough times, will it actually happen? I've already grilled the chicken for this grilled caesar salad, so it seems like the odds are good.

Onions - I'm thinking maybe some mushroom, potato, and caramelized onion pierogi. Else there's always this creamed chard and spring onions.

Snap peas/eggplant - I'm not a big fan of snap peas, and since I already ate some last week, I didn't want any more. Instead, I'm trading them with my officemate for the eggplant she got in her CSA. This recreation of Clover's egg and eggplant sandwich looks relatively simple and tasty, and it'll use up some of the parsley I got.

Zucchini - I want these zucchini parmesan crisps (baked!) now, please.