Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Manish Arora

My new discovery, and he has some pretty amazing designs. My favorite collections of his are the S/S 07 and A/W 08-09. Each outfit in the collection obviously draws from the same inspiration, but brings something new to the table. Not to mention the hair and makeup complement the outfits superbly.
Here are some of his designs:

Ready-to-Wear Autumn-Winter 2008-9

Look it's Mickey Mouse!
Love the Genghis Khan strong warrior style.
oh, and can't forget the mask. Love the face mask.

Maybe it's just a coincidence, but the swaying ponytail adds so much more to the character. It's like an action shot.

Absolutely gorgeous. and definitely wearable in normal life.
Ready-to-Wear Spring-Summer 2007

Love the peacock detailing on the shoulders. like epaulets!


Luxurious fabrics
Ready-to-Wear Autumn-Winter 2006-7

Just look at that skirt...

I am falling in love.

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