Thursday, November 14, 2013

link love:thanksgiving

picture originally from my instagram

I love Thanksgiving, and not just because of all the food. It's like the (non-religious) spirit of Christmas, minus all the commercialism, with more gratitude, and a dash of history thrown in. I think it's pretty great. Here are some DIYs, recipes, and more to help you prepare, even though Thanksgiving is still two weeks away.

Food :
roasted carrot soup
ultra-crispy potatoes
- inside-out sweet potatoes
- baked mushrooms, broken bread
- winter squash butter

25 ways to make pie
chocolate-dipped pistachio shortbread
cranberry upside-down cake
- vegan chocolate-dipped molasses cookies

- apple orange hot toddy
- the perfect fall sangria

- DIY Thanksiving placemat
- simple fall wreath
- rosemary wreath place cards

- Individual wedge-shaped pie boxes

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