Sunday, October 18, 2009


It snowed today. Yes, that almost-crystalline structure that makes the solid phase less dense than the liquid phase, diving from the clouds into puddles on the streets of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Snow in the middle of October. Who would have imagined?

I sat inside most of the day today, sipping tea, reacquainting myself with the melodies Enya, and (for the most part) drafting my paper. It's quite an interesting prompt, actually, for a deep, deep class. STS.005 Disease and Society in America. yup. In this paper, we have to interview a subject and analyze the efficacy of the treatment he/she received, using information from colonial therapeutics to compare, contrast, and be smart. Did you know, being studious used to considered a bad health condition? According to William Buchan, at least. He was an interesting man. But if "intense thinking is so destructive to health," then we students at MIT must be decreasing our lifespan with each minute we spend tooling. Oh those conniving professors... =P

Also today, I had two-and-a-half hours of dance. Ballroom dance, to be precise. And not all at once, thank goodness. My first competition is next Sunday, at Harvard Beginners, so it's crunch time right now. I met with my veteran partner for the first time today to go through choreography for the rookie-vet team match. For this, each team consists of five couples, with each couple made up of one rookie and one veteran team member. I'm dancing foxtrot, which is a lot of fun, especially since I've graduated from the slow-slow-quick-quick, punctuated, and boring basic step of newcomers to this snazzy combination called a continuity. I won't go into the details of the continuity, other than my wish that we'll be the only ones on the floor to attempt it. How cool would that be, having everyone else shuffling around in the slow-slow-quick-quick, and then have Ben and me (I?) gliding past on this crazy intricate sequence? As long as I don't fall on my face...

And speaking of ballroom dancing, have I mentioned the costumes? Unfortunately, newcomers can't wear costumes, just off-the-shelf stuff, but still, starting January, hello beautiful gowns! The standard dresses are so elegant and classily seductive with the billow of the skirts, the flow of the sleeves, the cutaway back, and embellishments. I can't wait to wear something like this.

Well, I could segue this into my absurd fascination for wedding gowns, cakes, and color schemes, or else my desire to design and sew my own ballroom costume (and wedding gown, for that matter), or the amazing clothes I found at the Garment District. Heck, I should probably also explain who Biffy and Wiffy are, too. I'll get to that someday, I promise. But for now, I'll sign off and go finish Mastering Physics (argh...). At least it's just simple harmonic motion and momentum and inertia. Nothing quite resembling rocket science, although I'm sure a percentage of the students are doing just that here. Probably right at this moment, too. I wouldn't be surprised. Anyways, Mastering Physics is beckoning, with my paper peeking out from behind his shoulder in anticipation. I shan't disappoint them.

`*.¸.*´ thzhou

Now playing: I'll Make a Man Out of You - Mulan Soundtrack (mysterious as the dark side of the moooonnn!)

P.S. I promise more pictures next time. I was (not uncharacteristically) verbose today, but I'll try to keep it to a minimum in the future...
P.P.S. and hello!

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