Monday, October 19, 2009

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We have to read The Cholera Years by Charles Rosenberg for my humanities class (STS.005 Disease and Society in America) this week. This footnote from the book, which commented on the fact that the symptoms of cholera were very similar of those of acute arsenical poisoning, said this: "A cholera epidemic provided an ideal occasion for the removal of unwanted spouses, affluent and immoderately aged uncles, and the like." It is quite sobering, is it not, that people would take advantage of an epidemic for personal gain. Makes me wonder what is wrong with the people in this world. And the cholera epidemic mentioned was in the mid-1800s, too. If society has been on a moral decline since then, which is very possible, I can't even begin to imagine what monstrosities are happening now. crazy.

Ah but those of us living sheltered lives can shrug it off, pull our coats tighter across our shoulders to ward against evil. I find myself doing that a lot, sometimes on purpose, other times just instinctively. Does this make me a bad person? Because as teachers often say, giving no answer is the same as giving a silent agreement. Does walking by it with my eyes pointed straight ahead mean that I am approving of it? Because I am not. Are we obligated to fix every wrong we witness so as not to appear content? I do not know.

But now on to happier, less brain-hurting thoughts. How about... vintage dresses! hm what a sad reflection of my personality: a brief discussion on morals to clothes. Ah I'll reflect on this later. But Timeless Vixen Vintage has great dresses, mostly from the 1950s, characterized by the cinched waists and flared skirts. absolutely love

I imagine this to be a coming-out type of dress. Virginal with the white, demure with the neckline and shoulders, but hinting at what's to come with the deep red sash and embellishments. Reminds me of Liesl from Sound of Music. Now that girl has a good sense of style.

loving the diagonal sash

big, big like on the asymmetrical bodice and flowing Grecian hints

my absolute favorite. The asymmetrical/exposed skirt is pure genius. ♥ x a bajillion!

Okay, my computer is running out of battery...

`*.¸.*´ thzhou

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