Sunday, January 12, 2014

i got a job! and i'm moving!

dream loft?

During the job hunt, it felt like this day would never, ever come, but thankfully, it finally has. I got a job! So I'm moving! At the end of the month! To Madison, Wisconsin! Too many exclamation points?

This whole polar vortex thing has me a little worried about moving to the midwest, because even without this abnormal weather, it's ridiculously cold in Madison. But now I'll be within driving distance of Chicago and the Blackhawks, even if I won't have a car. And I'm definitely looking forward to setting up a new life for me and Ruby. Maybe even work on this "date a hockey player" goal of mine. I'll settle for finding a hockey-watching buddy, though.

Now I'm trying to find an apartment in two-ish weeks, which is a little difficult when I'm currently 2,000 miles away. But to help keep things organized, I typed up this Apartment-Hunting Checklist, using info from this really helpful post (their link no longer works, so I made my own version), and adding a couple items of my own.

My top 3 priorities (not including a cat-friendly space, because that's obvious) are kitchen, laundry, and access to a bus route. Pretty normal stuff, I think. Fingers crossed that I'll fall in love with an apartment.

Let me know if you've got your own tips and tricks for finding an apartment, or if you've got more things to add to the checklist!

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Allison said...

Do you care about electric vs gas stove?

Also, you might want to note:
- contact info for the landlord/realtor
- who to contact in case of maintenance issues
- total sq footage?
- smoke detectors
- cost of breaking a lease, if you're allowed

Good luck!