Friday, January 10, 2014

link love (and happy 2014?)

photobooth shenanigans from the s'mores party i had a few days after christmas

I'm pretty sure this is my first post for this year. So, happy 2014! This week, I flew to Providence, RI, and had a slew of problems trying to get there, which you'll hear about tomorrow. I got there in one piece, though, and had the Team Canada roster announcement (for hockey, who cares about the other sports) to tide me over until I finally arrived. Seriously, thank goodness for smartphones, otherwise I'd be bored out of my mind and probably still stuck trying to fly out to Providence.

Anyways, now that all the hockey rosters have been announced (and the Blackhawks are sending 10 players, tied for most in the League), I'm even more excited for Sochi*, and February in general. I know we barely started January and 2014, but I feel like this month is just a filler until February, when I'll start my new job (deets on Sunday), move into my own place, and basically become a full-fledged adult. I can't wait.

- the origins and meanings of ashkenazic last names (boring title, super interesting read, especially when you find out this one dude you didn't like has an insult for a last name)
- banished for questioning the gospel of guns

- wall of origami rainbow koi (maybe you'll see this in my new apartment??)

fun finds:
- this napa valley rehearsal dinner 

*and about the gay rights (or lack thereof) issue in Russia and people wanting to boycott the Olympics, here's a well-written opinion on why there's a better option. 

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