Thursday, August 29, 2013

101 in 1001

inspired by Danni's list of 101 things to do in 1001 days, so I decided to make my own.  will be continually updated as things get accomplished!
legend: in progress (13) || completed (32/101) || completed after 1001 days (2)
start date: Thursday, 8/29/2013
end date: Tuesday, 5/31/2016

01. visit chicago
02. hike up half dome in yosemite
03. visit san francisco again
04. go tree house camping
05. ride in a hot air balloon
06. go on a road trip (maybe with #3?)
07. visit europe
08. visit an independent bookstore
09. visit another three lighthouses (0/3)
10. spend an entire day enjoying nature and nothing else
11. sleep under the stars
12. watch a meteor shower
13. go on six new hikes (sturtevant falls, devil's lake, night hike at the uw arboretum, governor nelson state park, pheasant branch creek, governor dodge state park) (6/6)

14. learn how to use photoshop/illustrator/something more high-tech than powerpoint
15. improve my conversational chinese
16. practice chinese calligraphy
17. experiment on the dslr (aka learn and use all features on the camera)
18. learn coding (html, css, jquery done.  javascript, php, python, and ruby to go.  using codecademy) (3/7)
19. learn how to letterpress
20. learn how to make gifs (after #14) (just made my first gif from images. next: gif a video)
21. take a class at the local community college
22. learn to scuba
23. attend a TED event

24. go to a hockey game
25. host a dinner party for >20 people
26. attend three concerts (walk the moon, the new pornographers, the upside) (3/3)
27. have a bonfire at the beach
28. go on a picnic
29. attend an anthro event
30. go to a craft show (renegade craft fair in chicago, dec 2015)
31. bike to the beach
32. do a color run (august 30)
33. go (indoor) rock climbing
34. go geocaching
35. build a blanket fort and sleep in it
36. try out five local (socal) restaurants that i've never been to (bo de tinh tam chayhonda-ya, green bliss, modo mio, sushi plus) (5/5)
37. plan and throw a party for someone

38. volunteer for something (local ushl team, fostering cats)
39. find a charity to donate to annually
40. surprise someone with something nice
41. leave an inspirational note inside a library book for someone to find
42. donate my hair to locks of love

43. own a  Blackhawks jersey
44. move into my own place (housemates accepted)
45. cut my hair shorter than i have before (with #42?)
46. go to bed before 10 every day for a month (30/30)
47. adopt a sibling for ruby (my cat)
48. eat at a restaurant by myself
49. rescue my files from my dead laptop
50. don't watch television for 6 months (hockey not included) (start: 8/29/13 - end: 3/1/14) (6/6)
51. earn a motorcycle licence
52. buy myself flowers five times (5/5)
53. back up the files on my computer
54. clean out my bookshelf and donate books to the library
55. hold a garage/yard sale
56. get another tattoo

57. take a cooking class
58. join a food swap at least once (food52 gift swap 2015)
59. bake sourdough bread from starter
60. make a wedding cake (someone needs to get married pronto!)
61. make flour's roasted lamb sandwich from scratch (recipe from this book)
62. develop a signature drink
63. improve a recipe until it's perfect
64. make momofuku's bo ssam
65. make a pie each pi day (3/3)

66. create a homemade gift every year for my cousin's baby's birthday (bobble sheep pillow; next up, an ABC book a la hrrrthrrr) (1/3)
67. treat my mom to a girls-only vacation (toronto!)
68. find a hockey-watching buddy
69. restart saturday night restaurant night with friends
70. send 10 care packages (1. to brother 9/18/2013; 2. to brother 11/12/2013; 3. to allison 11/22/2013; 4. to mommy 5/26/2015) (4/10)
71. attend my brother's graduation in 2016

72. juice at least once a day for a month (0/30)
73. try bikram (hot) yoga (9/18/2013)
74. run a 5k (see #32)
75. take a spin class
76. eat vegetarian for two weeks
77. run a 7-minute mile

78. make my own zine
79. make a terrarium
90. submit something to kinfolk magazine
81. take a weekly self-portrait for six months (0/24)
82. take a photo a day for a month (0/30)
83. film a video
84. start a vintage typewriter collection
85. code a tumblr theme (with #18)
86. create my own typographic poster (after #14)
87. start an (ink) stamp collection (how many stamps make a collection?) (1/?)
88. finish three diy projects (3/3)
89. sew myself a new dress
90. create a list of local recommendations for out-of-town visitors
91. blog daily for a month (start: 10/17/2013 - end: 11/16/2013) (31/31)

92. pay off student loans
93. find a job
94. finish every book on personal mba's recommended reading list (1/99)
95. put away $200/month for 6 months (6/6)
96. attend a networking event
97. create a budget and stick to it
98. start an (etsy) shop
99. invest money in a stock/mutual fund/etc.
100. decide on a career path

101. at end of 1001 days, put aside $25 in savings for every task completed (32 x $25 = $800)

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