Thursday, August 22, 2013

grown-up dinner party

I feel like graduation is the line between pseudo-adulthood and actual adulthood.  To celebrate our entrance into the world of 9-to-5 jobs and bills and loan-repayments, I hosted a dinner party in July for a couple of my high school friends.  It was a pretty simple set-up, but came together to look pretty fancy.

It started with a color scheme - white, blue, gold, and kraft paper brown- and invites.

I made these with Microsoft Powerpoint, which is cheap and super easy and exports as .jpg, which is pretty much the icing on the proverbial cake. It's great. I do basically everything graphics-related with Powerpoint and you'd never know at the end. Anyways, they're printed on the back of Trader Joe's bags, trimmed, then taped on to some A7 enclosure cards with washi tape, and mailed in these half-moon enclosure cards.   

The food was pretty simple, since there was very little cooking involved. I made caprese skewers as an appetizer, as well as a grilled romaine panzanella. The rest was just pizza dough and ingredients, listed in a handy-dandy frame.  

Table settings included fresh flowers in decorated glass bottles, floating candles, and tealights in teacups. Each place setting also had macarons as a party favor. Yum.

And finally, there was a drinks table off to the side, offering mango agua fresca, my friend's mom's iced tea, and water.

Once the sun went down and it got cold, we moved over to stay warm by the fire pit. The whole party turned out pretty swell. But it's the people that are most important, and it was great catching up with friends I haven't seen in half a year. Now on to hosting dinner parties for 50 people.

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