Saturday, October 19, 2013

halloween tickets

Now that I'm living in an area with tons of kids who go trick-or-treating every Halloween, I'm loving the chance to get to decorate, and dress up, and do all kinds of awesome Halloween-related crafts. I'm pretty sure that during my four years of college, October 31st was an ordinary night just like October 30th and November 1st, and so all those ideas are bursting forth and finally getting their chance to shine.

With all these decorations, I didn't want to cop out in the candy arena. A bowl of Costco candy just seemed a bit... underwhelming. And so I came up with the idea to make some special treats for the neighbors' kids. Nothing's been nailed down yet, but I'm thinking marshmallows on a stick - chocolate for the kids and maybe a small batch of pumpkin (or boozy?) for the adults roped in to wrangling the hyped-up kiddos.

But then came this super long thought process* that eventually ended up in me making tickets to put in the neighbors' mailboxes for the kids to "redeem" for a special treat. Now that I've written it down, it seems a bit extraneous. But it makes complete sense! I think...

at least I had fun making the coupon...
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*my thought process: I've heard stories of parents not letting their kids eat candy that's not completely sealed (aka Tootsie Rolls), so I figured my homemade treats might fall under the category of "it might not be safe" and end up in the trash, which would be totally sad. Plus, kids have all kinds of allergies as well, and I didn't want anything to be triggering. So, I came up with the idea to send a note to each parent letting them know that I was planning on making some extra treats, with these ingredients, and if they were okay with letting their kids have some, then they could pass along the ticket to the kid when they went trick-or-treating. Ugh, whatever, we'll see how this plan works out.

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