Monday, October 21, 2013

the last time i'll talk about chanterelles i swear

{a (welcome?) break from Halloween...}
A couple weeks ago, I posted a recipe for baked chanterelles with egg (it's delicious. and simple! you should try it), that only used up 1/6 of that humongous basket of mushrooms I got from Costco. Here are some instagram snaps of what I did with the rest.

(ugh I just saw this recipe for chanterelle hand pies and now I wish I had more mushrooms...)

mini chanterelle tacos {chanterelles, onion, serrano chile, garlic, and oregano, topped with avocado and shredded kale}
{slight more in-depth recipe here)

fettucini with chanterelle, kale, and parmesan {fun fact: I had no fettucini, so this is actually lasagna noodles cut into strips}

chanterelle and baby kale sauté, with zucchini chips and sriracha lime mayo

panzanella {mixed greens, chanterelles, grilled chicken, bulger, parsley, lemon, and parmesan-toasted bread cubes}

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