Friday, February 7, 2014

link love + happy friday

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Happy February! I've been away for a little (long?) while, and so much has happened. I'm now in Madison, freezing my butt off, but enjoying cuddling with my cat in my new digs and working at my new job. (Seriously, this company is the absolute coolest.) I'm also doing my best to send some of this cold and snow towards California to help with the drought situation, so we'll see. In the meantime, enjoy these links, and have a lovely weekend as the Olympics start! GO USA!

(olympic) articles:
- putin's olympic fever dream
- just how bad is the scene in sochi?
- even more bad: anonymous in sochi: being gay at the olympics parts one & two
- and a quick primer on US and Canada's women's hockey

- mandarin votives
- these paper lovebirds

- balsamic vegetable noodle soup
- sweet tea-brined hot chicken wings (what??!)
- how to make a healthy portable breakfast

fun finds:
- this gorgeous israeli hotel
- also this hotel in greece
- "cut food"
- building new york's bridges
- how to google more efficiently
cats taking selfies

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