Friday, June 17, 2016

so, it's been a while

It's been 1001 days (plus, like, two weeks) since I wrote up my list of 101 things to do. Turns out, I did kinda okay (although not so much in the Learn category). In 1001 days, I completed 32 things. Give me three more months and I'll cross off a couple more (#11, #92, #101). Here are some notes:

#10. Yellowstone and Grant Teton National Parks!
#20. This first gif was of a sandwich. Pretty sure it was this sandwich in particular. No idea where the gif is saved.
#24. I've been to 3 NHL hockey games now! One preseason game in Chicago vs the Stars, one game over winter break in Anaheim vs the Flyers, and one game in Dallas(!!) vs the Blues. Plus a bajillion more Madison Capitols games.
#43. Along with a Blackhawks jersey, I now own a Stars jersey, because I've moved on from that trainwreck of a bandwagon.
#47. My newest kitty is named Scarlet! Adopted the day before Valentine's Day, 2016. She's super shy, so no photos yet. (How many more cats do I need to count as a crazy cat lady?)
#58. Totally worth it. And miles better than the other holiday swap I joined (Target dollar bin stationary? uh, not when I sent you handcrafted goods.)
#59. The starter is now dead. May or may not pick it back up again, although probably not until the weather is cooler.
#60. Didn't make a wedding cake, but I did cut and serve a homemade cake at a friend's wedding.
#72. I had a very loose definition of "run" when I crossed this off...
#92. I'll be done with these loans by September.
#101. $25 x 32 = $800

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klu said...

This is great. Looking forward to seeing you cross off more.